In our previous post we discussed a Facebook marketing/promotion dilemma a long time Duluth friend of ours was having. We opened the problem up to our community and got back this great, lengthy, response from Axel Rosar a student at UMD

Rather than post his response as a comment, we felt it was worth it's own post. 


I may be wrong, but from what I can tell is the host, Mission Video Freedom is the service, and I Have A Dream Youth Video Quest is a contest. This might be your first indication something isn’t right. Sometimes some of the best solutions are the basic ones.

I’m going to focus on the Mission Video Freedom since it is more of a service.

First, the page looks like it was thrown together in a short amount of time. The cover photo is not aligned properly and the profile photo is some random outdoors picture that I have no idea how it relates to Mission Video Freedom. Also, the “mission” is repeated twice; one via photo, and one in the “about section” which has grammatical errors.

Second, the page does not grab the viewers’ attention. Having a cover photo of a jpeg from does not depict the actual mission of the service. I’ll explain.

Your mission is not “sharing video stories online of Jesus working in people’s lives.” That is the service you do. This is your what. Your “what” is not your focus, especially when relating to religion services. I’ll elaborate. Every single person in this world knows “what” they do. Yours should be, “We use digital media to spread the word of the Lord to display how the Spirit works in people’s lives”. Your “how” is possibly, “We do this by using short clips of blah blah-blah-blah”, whatever.

The MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR in why you may not getting as many likes as you want is because you don’t know what your “why” is. Why are you doing this, and revenue is a result, is not a “Why”; but more of what gets you up in the morning? Why are you doing this rather than perusing your dream career? Is this your dream career? If so, why?  I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record here but many people start with their what, and end with their why. Most don’t even know what their “why” is.

People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. They buy what you believe, and what they believe relates back to what you believe. It’s a full circle. I’m going to try my best here, but how’s this sound. Why: “We believe, the Lord, Jesus Christ, works miracles everyday through people’s lives. We believe He influences us to be better people and we believe in spreading the word of the Lord” or something of the sort. How: “We do this by __________________________” What: We use digital media to spread the word of the Lord to display how the Spirit works in people’s everyday lives”

It sounds like a lot of mumbo jumbo, but if you look at it from a marketing stand point, your “Why, How, and what” are simply your factors in creating brand awareness or attention. It drives interest in your viewers and participants. Watching your videos causes people to desire to take matters in their own hands which ultimately ends in your “call to action”.

I know this may not be directly a business and communication plan, but it will definitely help drive participation in those who believe what you believe.

If you are looking for a direct answer, try this:

Target Market Profiling

  • Demographic
  • Gender, age, Race, Life Stage, Household Size, Marital Status
  • Geographic
  • Region, City Size, Density (Local Duluth, Superior, Twin Ports)
  • Socioeconomic (not the most important)
  • Income, Education, Occupation
  • Psychographic (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT)
  • Personality, Values, Lifestyle

Communication Strategy

  • Advertising, Public Relations, Events,
  • Digital promotion and Social Media Tactics
  • - include creative samples

Cost Analysis

Measurement Standards and Evaluation


I hope this can drive some more thoughts and at the end of the day provide some help, and insight.

Axel Rosar

Ambitious and Developing Social Media Strategist

University of Minnesota Duluth