I got a recent email from a contact on LinkedIn. He's very passionate about the (video) projects he takes on. He's always tried hard to match his digital skills with ways to help the community. Unfortunately, these project don't typically have big budgets. He's struggled to grow the Facebook following of these projects beyond 100 fans.  Here is the (shortened) messaged I received: 

"I am looking for some help in promoting a couple of Facebook Pages?"  

I responded back, looking for a better understanding on how he hoped to promote the pages. Asking if he was looking to only grow the pages organically, or if he was interested in growing them with Facebook paid promotions. His response:

"Right now organically is how I want to grow it. I have been using the Facebook interface to share. I am willing to spend some money in the future on both pages. The only one that has cash flow potential is "Mission Video Freedom."

This is where I struggle. I want to jump to having conversations about mission and goals and then move the strategy conversation from there to tactics and metrics. But I look at the pages (one without even claiming the Facebook URL) and my first instinct is to jump into tactical recommendations. It seems like there are so many best practices that have been skipped, that seems like the easiest win. 

I was curious if we could use this question as a jump off point to have a conversation around Facebook marketing. 

  1. Is there still room for the small business or passion project to gain the needed traction on Facebook to survive.
  2. Is there a better social media platform to share this story?  If so, which one(s)?
  3. Without funds, how do you best promote a Facebook page?
  4. What are the "low hanging fruit" tactical recommendations?
  5. What is the best crowd-funding site to raise funds for a cause like this?
  6. How do you best advise someone with 40 fans to grow their social media promotions from a sleeper to a mini movement?

Please reply in the comments if you have any advice or answers to the questions above. If you're looking for a new volunteer opportunity and are interested in helping my friend move this project forward contact me and I can connect you.