This is one of the coolest MINI video programs out there. So here's the deal: everyone has these short 10 sec to 1 min mini clips from off their Cell phone, Camera, or Video camera. What do you do with them? If you want to edit them, or mash them up, add music to them, add photos to them; it's tough. You don't need a fancy editing program, all you need is Eyespot.

Eyespot allows you upload your clips (must be under 50 mb), upload photos, upload music. Then ONLINE it allows you to edit, mash up, add simple transitions, and simple effects. THERE IS NOT A PROGRAM TO DOWNLOAD. Finally Eyespot allows you to post to your blog, post to your Myspace account, or to your site. Also you can download your mash up Back to your computer (iPod version, Windows Media, Quick time).

As you can see from the video in the previous post the quality is great. I took a video that I had created in Final Cut, exported for iPod, uploaded, then was easily able to post. In addition I was able to bring it back down to my computer in a windows media format... for those that prefer Window's Media Player.