I came across a great article today on AdAge.com. This article drives home what Veldhiezen has been promoting for the last 2 years now. DELIVER YOUR CONTENT ON MULTIPLE AVENUES. This becomes especially important when you have consumers that may still be limited to dial up (God help them). The best advice is to really listen to your customers, and if it's financially viable, deliver you content so the can get it. CONTENT IS KING. Just remember, bad content delivered 5 different ways, is still just bad content.

At the top of everyone's mind at the 4As Media Conference this time around is the explosion of media choices. It's now universally acknowledged that the consumers are in control, and the media companies just have to figure out how to best put their wares in front of them, whether its video on demand, iPod downloads, broadband video, a robust Web site, e-mail or mobile phone content. ~Ad Age's MediaWorks
The article goes on to interview 5 different people working in or for the following: Time Warner Cable, Magazine publisher, Clear Channel, CW (broadcast company debuting in Sept.), 'ol trusty Newspaper. Each have an industry specific comment on providing content in a non-linear world. As always, comments and opinions welcome.