And no, I'm not talking about a new drink at Caribou.

The "Wake Up and Smell the Music" promotion will feature an instant win game with more than 30,000 prizes, including iPods and free iTunes downloads. The grand prize winner will receive either 1,000 iTunes music downloads or a Caribou gift card worth $1,000. ~Minneapolis Business Journal
I think it's great to see a MN Based company doing a promotion with such a big company like Apple. To me this is about as great as peanut butter and jelly. Apple has quickly earned itself a place in my heart since my purchase of a 15" Powerbook, and recent video iPod. And, well...Caribou has definitely won a place in my stomach. Man they make a damn good Mint Condition (and I used to hate coffee). Swinging this conversation back to marketing; I have always been very impressed with Caribou's marketing and advertising. (Apple's marketing is a given, and may deserve a future post just to praise the way they're changing the world). But with Caribou, they consistently have a very clean, humorous message. It's on everything they do. Consistent use of colors and branding too. I also love the ambiance in their stores. A very welcoming, Northwood's feel. Keep up the good work. As always, comments or additional thoughts are always welcome.