Yeah, that's right! Peanut Butter Wiki. HUH?
Advertised as the wiki that's as easy to create as a PB & J sandwich. This truly is a very easy way to create a FREE wiki. It takes two steps to sign up for this free service.
1. Go to the site.
2. Follow the 'confirm' link in the email they send you.
It's that easy! But what the hell is a wiki, and how is any of this important? Wiki's can be used by/for the following:

Teachers and students sharing notes, co-workers jamming on shared projects, friends sharing lists, notes and recipes and individuals jotting ideas for themselves to tap on the go.

I'm currently using the PBWiki for improving communication on my upcoming debut of my podcast. This is allowing myself and others to collaborate on ideas, and where we want to take our podcast. It eliminates the need for us to all be in the same room to exchange idea's. I have mine currently set to public, but can turn it private instantly. Also note that it takes a password for anyone to make changes. This password is up to you to distribute, or you can post it right out front for all to see. If you've used PBWiki before, please leave a comment to share your experience.