Here is a great site to post video content.
If you are already creating creative digital content, there are several great ways to deliver that content. The most common would be to simply put the video on YOUR website. Second would be to use a service like Veldhiezen provides and put the video in an email. Third would be to place the video in a podcast. Fourth would be to upload the video to a video-community site such as Veoh.
What's great about Veoh, is that you can deliver your message to ten's of thousands of potential eyeballs. If done properly, videos on this site can create a buzz about your products, allow more bloggers, and video bloggers to talk about, or discuss your video. Bottom line this will drive additional people to your website/blog. What makes Veoh unique is that it allows users to view the video, as well as to download the video (for iPod or PsP). In addition, they make it easy for you to link to your video from your blog, website, or MySpace page.