Just a quick plug for Thomas' MySpace Editor. For those out there on MySpace looking for a very simple editor. Damn near idiot-proof. This would also work well for those looking to do some simple editing your own page.

To spin this post to the marketing side. What an amazing concept (MySpace) College and Highschool kids are using it to network on a social level. But many movies, and bands, etc... are beginning to create profiles. It's a unique way to get a message out to the masses. And I do mean masses. I think in it's current state, it's an artistically hideous place with most pages having way too many things going at once. Some pages have so much motion, I start to get a head ache! I would also like to have more control over adjusting my personal page (perhaps that will come with further investigation into how much you can adjust pages). Well check it out. Let me know what you think on a personal level, or on a marketing/advertising potential.