Digitalives started in 2006 by Cory Vandenberghe. Digitalives has always offered interactive marketing services to small businesses in Duluth/Superior and Minneapolis/St. Paul. Over the last 5 years, the exact services have shifted with the latest strategy and best practices in interactive marketing. Digitalives works with other creative professionals to deliver a unique strategy that best fits a particular business.

In January 2011 Cory took Digitalives business model with him to Snap Social Media. In the first year Snap has grown to support a roster of 125 unique small businesses and non-profits and an amazing core team of interactive professionals.

Digitalives mission hasn't changed: Connecting clients with creatives and digital strategy. What has changed is the range of projects we are now able to work on. Digitalives is NOT a recruiting company, but because we are alway looking for the best talent and because we do lots of networking we come across many different opportunities. We will continue to share both Snap Social Media and industry-wide opportunities in our blog.

Digitalives offers:

Snap Social Media offers:

  • Web Site Design and Development
  • Social Media Marketing and Promotion
  • Search Marketing (SEO | PPC)
  • Website and Social Media Analytics and Reporting
  • Social Media Eduction

Digitalives works with small business in Minneapolis/St. Paul to aide in their interactive and marketing strategy.